Simba Maasai Outreach Organization


Environment and Wildlife Conservation


Environmental concerns are very central to SIMOO�s programs since there is a strong relationship between the environment and the people�s way of life. The cultural values are also intertwined with the natural environment.


Realizing the threat of our natural environment from human activity such as charcoal burning and overuse of land, SIMOO has undertaken the following measures:


      Encouraged the community to conserve wildlife found in their territories, leading to an increase of giraffes and gazelles.

      Established a nursery where indigenous tree seedlings are grown and distributed for planting by community members and schools.

      Created a cultural resource center comprised of an arboretum and a museum where cultural artifacts are preserved and Maasai values are documented for posterity.



Solar Energy Project


In conjunction with its partners, SIMOO has installed solar panels on 185 houses. The solar power from the panels provides lighting that becomes an alternative to kerosene lanterns so students are able to complete their homework assignments.


The geographic location of Kenya to the Equator allows solar power to be reliable and sustainable throughout the year. The Massai reduce the carbon footprint in their community and the adverse effects of climate change to the planet.